Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brendon Smith Mini UK Tour + 2 Minutes with Envy's Mitch Baldry

Envy Pro Scooters rider Brendon Smith is known for being extremely consistent, and putting down edits full of 100% bangers. He plans on heading to Woodward in California this year as well, where you can bet your ass he is going to be adding a ton of new tricks to his already huge list. But before he heads to the US, he's hitting up The UK. The Mini tour has already kicked off, and he will be making quite a few stops before heading to Woodward.

Blunt Scooters, will be offering 50 free Skatepark entries to each of these stops to the first UK riders to email their details into uktour@bluntscooters.fr

Simply say your name, age and the stop you will be attending. Blunt Scooters will let you know if your in the top 50 where your name will be on a list at the door. For more information riders can hit up Blunt.Scooters.Europe.Facebook

I'm sure some crazy footage of Brendon will be surfacing from the UK Tour soon. For now though, you guys can check out Mitch Baldry in a quick 2 minute edit.


  1. Read "Brendon Smith Mini" and got super excited.... /:

  2. too repedative - Joe Armstrong

  3. Too much bad grammar joe- mike

  4. steezy - Jake Clark


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