Thursday, December 8, 2011

Michael Knudson Scooter Check

Blunt Pro Scooter's rider, Michael Knudson recently got his new deck, and made this scooter check shortly after. The deck he is riding is the new AOSv2 Street Deck. Needless to say, the deck looks amazing. I would really like to see decks with flat sides become a new standard with most decks. I literally don't see a downside to it. If you guys got a problem with them, let us know in the comments. Check out Michaels' Blunt complete set up below.


  1. how come theres not the cutout in the front or is that the park model

  2. flat sides are the best, good for fingerwhips, rewinds, grinds, and it doesnt hurt nearly as bad when you get smacked in the shin

  3. oh he covered the cut out with his blunt sticker.


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