Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Addison McNaughton BoxesLTD Promo

Addison recently finished his promo for boxes. It is always good to see one of the pioneers of street riding, and a true OG in the sport still killing it. The below is a piece from the Boxes website.

Our sport is progressing faster then we can seem to keep up with, and with that comes tons of new riders with better and better skills. While all these new riders are highly welcomed with open arms, it’s always nice to still see riders who have been around since the beginning still doing what they do best. With that being said, Boxes is extremely proud to have Addison McNaughton on our team and down for the cause. Here is the newest promo featuring Addison, and make sure to keep your eye out for his full length video part coming out in The Over Show video. Cheers!

Boxes Limited - Addison McNaughton Commercial 3 from Boxes Ltd. on Vimeo.


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