Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Takeover Jam ft Maddgear and King City Bikers

If you guys are in the East Coast, and can make it out to Catoctin skatepark for this jam then you're definitely going to see some good stuff go down. Some of the guys from MGP will be there, and they are even bringing a new rider to the jam. More details on the flyer so check it out.


  1. Its cool that the Catoctin Skatepark in Leesburg, VA is allowing this event. They will not allow scooter riders to ride the park. I went a few years ago and had the cops called on me. However, it would have been better to do this event on a different day. ECX's 4th Annual Fall Brawl Scooter Competition in Newport, DE will be on this same day. Fall Brawl is one of the biggest events on the east coast and the closest on-going event to the VA, Washington DC, and MD scooter scene. Hope the event goes well and that the skatepark remove the ban on scooters!!!

  2. The poster says "Jon Armstrong". Sorry Joe. Also Virginia is nowhere near the midwest.

  3. The MGP Crew Demo will be at the Newport Skatepark in Delaware with the ECX Crew the following Sunday Oct 23rd!

  4. Noone said anything about the Midwest?

    But I'm looking forward to taking the trip there.


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