Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grit Bars, Forks, and Pegs now at WarScooters

WarScooters is carrying even more Grit products now. They have the new Yeh Yeh Yeh Bars, Grit Forks in threaded and threadless, as well as the Grit pegs. You can check out all of new products at WarScooters by following the link below.

Shot of the bars below


  1. Ughh how many companies are going to copy RAD bars? I'm sorry hate me or not for my opinion but its one thing to copy other companies parts. But copying rider designed and manufactured parts is just wack. How many times can RAD get ripped off by chinese manufactures. Ill back up RAD any day for their innovation.

    But I will say the balance of their completes isn't half bad

  2. And the forks? Inward extremes.

  3. I thought War was legit at first, but then they bring this shit into the US. Stock real rider brands like Proto/Tilt/Boxes.


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