Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Black Diamond FSP Contest Edit from MaddGear

Recently FSP held a contest over on the east coast, and MGP had some riders there. Twan was there to film the contest, and MGP Pro Rider, Joe Armstrong..was there to win it. He took first place in the Pro division going up against some serious competition. A lot of great clips in this edit from Twan. Check it out below and congrats to Joe!

Also last weekend MGP and Pro riders Joe Armstrong and Colin DaSilva went down to Tuckerton, NJ for a demo and signing at local skate shop Cheaters 5. While they didn't have much to work with, it still looks like it was a good time.


  1. im mad confused i thought collin dasilva was on phoenix and inward is he on mgp now? 0.o

  2. Collin dasilva quit phoenix and inward for mgp.

  3. collin recently switched to mgp, and inward dropped all their riders.

  4. hahaha scooters are lame


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