Monday, September 5, 2011

Scooter Zone 3 in 1: How To FS Feeble, Riverside Store Walkthrough, Scooter Check

Time for a 3 in 1 from the Zone. First up we got a Scooter Check from Trick Darger, aka 50 Different Names. Nick rides for Inside-Scooters, and ScooterZone and usually has a really dialed scooter. While it may not always look brand new, it gets the job done for Nick haha. Check it out below.

Next up we got another Scooter Zone How To from Pro rider, Matt Somers. Matt is going through the grinds, helping you guys get em down better. In this one he teaches you guys a frontside feeble. And yeah, when you're Matt Somers, front feeble 5 just comes that easy.

Finally for everyone that hasn't been down to an actual Scooter Zone location. You can check out the main shop here. When I lived in Riverside, this place was my home away from home. It really is an awesome experience to spend the day at Scooter Zone. Check out the Riverside shop below.

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