Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ozziez Photo Scavenger Hunt

For each week until November, Ozziez is going to be running a photo scavenger hunt. Read below for the rules.

-The rules
-The Photo most include the rider in the photo
-The Photo must have a scooter in it
-Creativity Counts
-The Photo needs to be posted on Ozziez scooters facebook page wall by 11:00 pm pacific standard time each Sunday.
-At the end of each week we will pick our favorite/the best entry and announce the winner the next morning
-Make sure to add Ozziez on Facebook below to get updates on the scavenger hunt and prizes

The first scavenger item is a photo that includes..

-Your scooter
-A waffle
-A sign with the name of a president on it ( Or a picture of a president if you can't find a sign)

Remember creativity counts
Anything illegal will disqualify you

The first prize is
A pair of brand new Blunt 110mm Green Wheels !

Make sure to head over to the Ozziez Facebook for more information regarding the contest, and to keep up with everything Ozziez is doing!


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