Friday, September 2, 2011

Nick Darger Inside-Scooters/ScooterZone 2011 Edit

Nick Darger, aka Trick Darger, aka Cody Speake, aka Ralph Robert Monky McMoran, aka Josh Toy, aka TheGame, aka one of the most underrated riders in the sport today. Mainly because he spends a lot of time on the injured list, but when he does get to ride, he shreds.

Street, park, flat, really doesn't matter what you put in front of Nick, he will kill it. You'll notice his video has almost all lines, showing how consistent he is. He is one of the riders that when I ride with him, I just call out tricks and he lands em. That's why he now also rides for Inside-Scooters. Check out his 2011 IS/SZ Edit below.


  1. Doesn't count...he didn't ride and flyout, do any briflips or use any dubstep. He is clearly not good enough to be on Inside.

  2. hate this guy with a passion

  3. that was dope as hell!!

  4. Kevin Austin -

    Why hide under the anonymous name ? say it under your real name mate. Video as dope nick, loved it <3333

  5. Ill try to use more dupstep matt <3
    dont worry, the shoes broke in half ahaha
    im sorry you hate me? lol
    thanks jon :) a compliment from you is always a plus!
    Thanks mate!

    Thanks for all the good feedback guys! :)

  6. Really should practice before posting anymore videos sorry not that good

  7. ^funny...

    lovely video nicholasssss

  8. guys i have bad news to the mgp lovers i just called raymond warner (former maddgear rider who now rides for scooter zone)and he told me that he snapped 3 not 1 not 2 not 0 3 DECKS!!!!!!!!!!!so mine and yours sooner or later will snap:( so instead im going to get an epic deck:)

  9. Super sick video.
    Haters.. I speak for myself and everyone else when I say.. go play in traffic.
    Drama.. who needs it, just go ride and have fun like Nick does. That's something to admire.


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