Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brendon Smith... Weekend Edit?

Yeah, this video was filmed in two days. Some people spend months and months filming for an edit like this, but I guess when you're Envy Pro Scooters rider, Brendon Smith, you can knock it out in a weekend. There are some tricks in here that I don't even think I've seen before.. Very solid video from one of Australia's best. Also just so everyone knows, Brendon won the JJ3 contest earlier this week, which is probably the biggest contest in Australia.

Also guys don't forget about the King of the Bowl Jam that Envy Scooters is throwing this weekend! Get out there if you can!


  1. What exactly is envy? Are they a branch of blunt or something?

  2. Why is envy still using Adam Rouse's photo?

  3. Adam Rouse is a cunt.

    That video was insane

  4. why does he ride with his fork backwards the entire time? i noticed it in the intro clip and couldnt focus on anything else the entire video lol

  5. Adam rouse isnt a cunt? hes a fucking champ
    and riding forks backward is like the new trend in Aus


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