Sunday, July 3, 2011

Razor Metal Core Review

110 Black on Black Razor Wheel
About two weeks ago John Radtke invited me to go down to Cerritos, Ca with him where Razor USA is located and I jumped on the opportunity. While there I met several people who play key roles in Research and Development helping to produce all of Razor's new line of products. Among these new products were new wheels. Ali Kermani, Team Manager for Team Razor, had grabbed a few sets and John Radtke threw a set on his scooter. His reaction was instant, he glared at me and said "These are the fastest ****ing wheels i have ever ridden.". At that time i had some skepticism about weather or not these wheels would live up to what John had just claimed. I wanted to try these out for myself so i stepped on John's scooter and took just 1 push and I was zipping in and out of pallets around the Razor warehouse, I found that I had made a full circle back to John on just 1 push. I was amazed. After that Ali asked me if I would be interested in doing a review on the wheels for Inside-Scooters. Well we all know my answer to that question. After that Ali had handed me a set to try out at the skatepark and street and where ever else to ride and gather an opinion for a review.

Once Ali handed me the wheels they were on my scooter within minutes. John and I decided to go ride Ayala Skatepark in Chino, Ca. We got there and I threw my helmet on and started carving the bowls and found that I had way more speed than I had did the previous day with a different set of wheels. Now I am sure you all get the point of my opinion on how fast these wheels are! I am going to move onto some other key features and some pros and cons.

The wheel urethane is made from a nice 88a compound poured onto a 6061 billet aluminum core. It has been in my experience that the higher the durometer the harder the wheel. Again, to my surprise, these wheels are not only soft and have plenty of grip but they have to speed to match. Now the aluminum core is super thick with plenty of material left around the bearing races for support against ovalizing.

Now some of the cons I am seeing with these wheels as of now are mainly the weight issue. Having a thicker core adds weight. This also adds strength which is honestly a trade off that is well worth it. To me, these wheels will make a statement when released that no longer are they sitting on the side lines watching the market they created go without high quality product. I can see Razor reaching quality in the range of companies like Phoenix Pro Scooters and Lucky Scooter Parts.

Now at this time I do not have an available release date for these wheels. I also do not know exactly how long these wheels will last. So what I intend to do is to do a progress report a few months down the line to update you all on the quality and longevity of the wheels.


  1. It'd be nice to have a high quality razor part like this on my set up to remind me of the good old pro model days

  2. Pretty sure you shouldn't have put this review on inside until after a month on two of riding them, I'm digging the look of the wheels though.

  3. There new Decks/Forks and Wheels are suburb, Good to finally see Razor heading back to the top.

  4. Not trying to be a bag but you spelled "whether" wrong. But where/when will you be able to buy or be available to buy the new Razor gear?


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