Saturday, July 2, 2011

East2West's Tyler Larm Interview

I'm quite ashamed to say that before Tyler Larm's East2West edit, I wasn't aware who he was. However, after finishing that video, I knew exactly who he was, he was one of my new favorite up and coming riders. Tyler has got such a sick style and a lot of good tech tricks. I recently caught up with Tyler, and got an interview done. Check that out below.

Steven: Tyler Larm, what's going on man? How've you been?

Tyler: I cant complain man. Just been working, shredding, racing my dirtbike, training for races, but most of all trying to heal my foot up so i can really start riding again and getting some more footy for an upcoming video from Joe Riley, Jon Devrind, and I. Its going to be a super legit street video, stoked on that.

Steven: Damn..Joe, Jon, and Yourself in one video...Can't wait. So tell us a little bit about how you got involved in the sport dude.

Tyler: Well I used to ride bikes back in the day, and when my older brother and his friends stopped, I grabbed a scooter, and started hopping over sewer caps and curbs, then i started doing actual tricks and never stopped, just progressed over the years. Its just something that is fun and I just caught on to since the start. Its just fun, and thats why i still shred now.

Steven: Good stuff man. You got a distinct style when you ride, there is a lot of tech/bmx influence in your riding. Who are some riders both in or out of our sport that influenced your riding?

Tyler: Well the rider that influences my riding most is probably Nick Darger. I love all the tech he does and all the manual and grind combos, and he does it all so clean. Another rider that influences my riding is Jodan Jasa. I love all his tech combos. there just so fun to watch.

Steven: Haha good old, Trick Darger! We've seen you ride park, flat, and street. Do you prefer one over the other?

Tyler: Well my favorite thing to ride is just a simple manual pad, I could ride one all day and never get bored. Other than that i love to ride flat and any fun-box. Im not much of a park rider, its just not that fun for me, but I will ride a nice quarter, just prefer street or flat over a park.

Steven: I'm right there with ya on that one. So you ride for East2West. How did you get the sponsorship, and how has it been so far?

Tyler: Yes I ride for East2West. I was on there website and saw that they were putting together a flow team, so i figured i woud send my next edit to them. I like it so far. they've hooked me up with some things and i have no complaints. Brandon is a chill person and he's easy to get along with. Glad to be on East2West, its such a growing company that is getting more legit by the day.

Steven: Yeah, I really admire them as well. Your latest video has you riding pegs, how do you like em?

Tyler: Yeah man, I like them. They've added a bunch of new combos and tricks to my riding. I really like the pegs and theres not any bad things to say about them. Everyone should go buy them because they are well worth the cheap price and can add so many fun tricks to your list. I love them already.

Steven: Who are some of the riders that you ride with on a daily basis?

Tyler: Well the main people I shred with on a daily basis are Joe "Gypsy" Riley, Cody Cunliffe, who is also on E2W, and Keith Egnatuk, or otherwise known as Keeta. A few other people i ride with are Justin Chanona, Brandon Gondolf, Ryan Lesher, Vince Borrelli, and Ive ridden with Jon Devrind a few times when he goes to Joe Riley's house.

Steven: Nice solid list. Some of the combos or lines in your videos are extremely difficult...Were there any times during filming where you wanted to give up on one because it was so hard to land? If so, tell us about it.

Tyler: Hell yeah man. Some combos just get me pissed and really dizzy to the point where I have to take a break in order to walk straight. But if i really just relax and take a break, I have a better chance of landing the line or combo. Its all part of it though and i just gotta keep trying, I dont just give up, if I get into a line or combo, I wont stop until I land it.

Steven: Love the dedication dude. What do you got on your agenda for the rest of the summer?

Tyler: Just going to keep shredding, heading out to some more races, and filming with Joe and Jon for our "Gypsy Magic" Street video that is going to be out before summer is over. Its going to be super legit.

Steven: We'll def. get that up on ISB when it's done. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us at IS. Do you got any last words or shout outs bro?

Tyler: Na man no problem, thank you for doing the interview. I just want to say thanks to everyone whose helped me and rode with me. And a huge thanks to Brandon from East2West for helping me out and hooking me up with some sick stuff. Im really looking forward to the future and we have such a good team, everyone shreds hard. Hopefully ill get a chance to ride with some of the other team members soon. To sum it up, just do your own thing, and ride however you want. As long as the sport grows, then we can keep riding, and having a good time.


  1. Hey get east to wests new logo. Thats not their logo anymore

  2. gypsyyyyyyyyyy magicccccccccccccccccccc <3

  3. tyler i so no what you mean about getting dizzy haha your such and insperation <3

  4. ...All three edits were SO sick

  5. I used to bike too and have almost identical style/trick choice as this guy. Good too see.

    Jeremy Yau


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