Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adam Stewart 2011 Edit

Hmm.. Well, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Unlike the 80% of trendy US riders who hate on Aus riding just "because"..I actually like most Aus videos. People need to accept that different parts of the world = different styles of riding.

Adam really exemplifies the type of Aus riding that I really enjoy watching. He goes huge, and throws down ridiculous combos. Not to mention hitting one of the biggest street gaps I've seen done in a while. Crazy video, with some crazy tricks. Check it out below.

Thanks to Josh Kersten for the video!


  1. Steven, I like most of your articles, but this entry was just stupid. I don't understand how you can say 80% of "trendy" US riders hate on Australian riding just "because", when the truth is that 80% of US riders want to be just like Australians. Look at the US scene, who do all the kids idolize? That's right, Ryan Williams. What do 80%+ of US riders ride like? You guessed it, Australians. That's why 80%+ of videos are riders doing nothing but briflip combos in all park with no street at all. People don't hate Australia just "because", people hate on Australia because they whore park 24/7 and do nothing but briflips and backflips, I mean sure it is cool, but most of the videos coming from Australian riders have no creativity or originality because they all do the exact same thing. How do you think Australian riding is so unique, when it, in fact, is the "trendy" riding.

    -Tom Kvilhaug

  2. mother fucker this kid is crazy as fuck. I don't care this is not typical aus riding, i actually enjoy'ed the whole video, cept for that intro, the 6 whip, sexwhip? who cares nuts, that absolutely crazy dirt gap from road to road, such a good video if he isnt sponsored someone sponsor him please he needs to get more known abosultely crazy haha.

  3. Any park rider should should be able to appreciate this edit. realllly siick!! flairs were a little sketch, but the bartwists bartwists were epic.

  4. I agree with Tom K except for one point. You said "I mean sure it is cool," but no, it is not.

  5. I understand the bloke with the first post but get over it mate, Well will get there its just we don't have good street spots like America and there probably is really good spots in Australia but you only get enough time to get one go at it before you get kicked out...

  6. lol Tom did you really just take me saying 80% for dead serious fact, and try to actually prove a point with it. lol.

    It was an exageration, and a shot at guys like Hater aka the "street riders" of the US..who believe they are above everyone else, especially those who ride park.

    You can not like Aus videos all you want...I could care less what other riders do or don't like. I like this sport, and all the styles of riding that come with it.


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