Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jon Archer ScooterZone and ScooterHut Edit

As one of the riders in Australia that is part of what some are calling the tech street movement, it's no surprise that he is also one of my favorite riders. Jon is just sooo smooth. Everything he does looks effortless and is full of style. The filming and editing of Luke Maff only help to make this video even better. Check out Jon's latest edit for his two sponsors, ScooterZone and ScooterHut below.

Also, I will be catching up with Jon in the near future for an interview, so keep checking Inside-Scooters for that.


  1. Kevin Austin -

    Scooterzone REPPIN !
    Was soo good Jon, one of my favourite riders and people to be around ;) So smooth and cleann !

  2. ew, kid can't ride tranny at allllll
    Do a bri for respect. noob.

    -scott williams

  3. Kevin Austin -

    BAHAHAHAH Scott ^^

  4. Andrew Broussard- Yo Proto would love to have you on the international team! We just need your email jon

  5. Wheres the 180 heel whips?!

    sick vid tho!


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