Sunday, June 5, 2011

Footage Wanted!

"So for the past couple of weekends I have been working on a documentary on scootering involving some local riders (Eric Ostrom, Tyler Garcia, Connor Love and Dan Safe) for my TV ROP class. It is mainly about the sport in general and their involvement in the sport. It is 4 legitimate interviews, B-roll and riding footage( Estimated time - 10-5 min). I was planning on showing riding during the interviews and having a separate riding segment in the middle that is just a solid montage. I have an opportunity for you IS readers tho, if you have any recent clips that either are unreleased or are in raw GOOD quality you can e-mail them to to be featured in a riding segment. I am putting a lot of work into this project and it is going to be edited and online by Monday because it is due and I am in the final stages of the project. I am looking for solid clips that are filmed well. I'm not going to put clips that I dint like into the video. Bangers would be nice but I'm really just looking for decent filler that's filmed alright. If you can e-mail youtube or vimeo private footage and send it to me with your name that'd be just awesome(project will be in standard definition but i can just put HD clips in letterboxed) Thank you for all your help. "

-Josh Nathan

Sounds like a pretty good opportunity to get your clips out if you're more of an undiscovered rider...I'd hit Josh up with an email asap for sure if I wanted to get my name out.


  1. when do you need them by?

  2. is the video gonna be posted on IS?

  3. Yeah we will be posting the video.

  4. Vids up already.


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