Thursday, June 2, 2011

East2West Flow Team Announced!

Last month we posted that East2West was looking for flow riders. You can read about that by clicking the link below.

Flow Sponsorship

I recently got word from East2West that the search was over the Team has been chosen. For more information read the piece below.

"Congrats to the members who made the East2West Flow Team:

Jake Sorensen
Steve Coey
Tyshawn Jones
Cody Cunliffe
Tyler Larm

Thanks to all those who sent us videos, we had alot of tough decisions. There was no shortage of talent! Look for alot of updates from these guys and East2West, theres alot coming! "

Just as it says above, you can be sure to see videos from the new East2West flow team right here on Inside-Scooters. Congrats to all the guys who made it.

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