Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 for 1 Deal: Ryan Gould and Friends Box Sesh, Hugo Svare Mini 2, and Vienna Locals

Three short edits from riders from different parts of the world. Who are all great riders, or will soon be great riders.

Starting off we got Ryan Gould and his two friends Michael Knudson and Chris Harris shredding his box. Just some good old box shredding. The banger is just beautiful.

Next up is a young rider who I see a lot of promise from. He's got a really clean style. I featured his first edit on IS a while ago, and now we got his second. I'd like to see a longer edit in the future, with a bit more time put into it. Hope we can see one soon.

Filmed and Edit by Adam Pripz

Wrapping this 3 for 1 up is an edit featuring some of Vienna's best. The best part about it, is that these riders are all unsponsored. The park, while it doesn't look like much, is what these guys got. Watching the video makes it clear that they definitely know how to shred it.

Riders featured are..

Jan Laranjo
Felix Reinberger
David Tiefenthaler
Dominik Gruber
Florian Toegel


  1. Its good to see some more HD-edits with quality riding. Damn this is nice!

  2. Some solid edits! It's nice to see some footage that isn't like most of the park riding we've been seeing lately.

  3. The park isn't much! it's better than my local :D
    great vids guys


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