Friday, March 4, 2011

Scooter Zone How-to: Flair

Yet another Scooter Zone How-to, Raymond Warner of the Scooter Zone team shows you guys how to flair! In this how-to you might get a few laughs cause of Raymond's candid dialog as he flairs a street quarter pipe with a death knife cemented into the ground!! I know i got a kick out of this and i am sure you will too!


  1. Yeah, thats what i want dudes.

  2. ray just now told me that mgps snap and he snapped 3 :o

  3. raymond warner=AWESOME raymond for president!!!!!!!

  4. Raymond Warner is hardcore!

  5. to be able to flair on a scooter do u need to be able to backflip on a trampoline???

    1. no you dont i just learnd flairs 3 days ago and i have absultly no clue how to back flip

  6. hi if i cant backflip on a trapaline would i be able to doit on a scooter ??????


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