Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ryan Upchurch/Javi Trepat District Promos

Two District riders recently release District promos. First we have one from Newport, DE's Ryan Upchurch. This video is mostly a day video with some other random leftovers hes had. Super clean, smooth, and stylish as always from Ryan, with a few bangers in there as well.

Next we have a video from Spanish rider Javi Trepat. Javi is a primarily street rider, who just recently got picked up by District. Does anyone else see a little bit of Nick Darger in him? Hes got lots of ledge tech stuff (the smith to lips) and also has some bigger tricks (triple and half cab doublewhip that set). He has huge potential to be one of the best street riders in the game in my opinion. I caught up to Javi and asked him a few questions, which you can see after the video. Keep in mind he's from Spain so his English isn't perfect.

Jordan Jasa: When did you get on District?

Javi Trepat: I got on District a few days ago... Was too good news for me.

How are the parts holding up?

The parts are holding up really good for the moment, really good for ride what i like. Parts resist really good.

Fellow street rider Matt McKeen has been riding District decks for a while and also put out a promo for them recently. Do you think they make a good deck for street riders?

The best deck i ever have test for street. The convave form of the deck is the key and it's so light... I was waiting for ride something like this.

When can we expect more footage from you?

Soon, really soon. My summer footage is been working by Roots Boy Production... So you will check it as soon as you think! ;)

What are some of your future plans now that you're on District?

Maybe plan some trip with whole team or something else... I don't know. I will want to see whole team together riding in a same video of a trip... That could be amazing.
Can't wait for see what District is preparing for the rest of riders of the world, is gonna be biiiiig, really biiiig.


  1. javi thrws bangers! siiick!

  2. That Javi kid is gnarly, that song is awful for a scooter video.

  3. Haha yeah good stuff there! Keep up the good work mates! ;)

  4. Awesome videos, my dear teammates!

  5. Both completel shredders...and Ryans footage was just B footage..his real shit will be in an upcoming DVD, more info on that in the future.

    Javi was seriously amazing. Such a natural street style and total beast.

  6. ryan kills it but why does he ride his bars so high.
    -nick campbell

  7. that whip to lip to fakie was soo bliss i loved it
    want to see more footage from you soon javi

  8. Thanks to everybody... Roots boy Produtions is working on my summer video... So you will see soon more footage! ;)

  9. oh and javi should have a lot more sponsers than just one. you are my new favorite rider.:)

  10. javi is my favorite rider! from now on!

  11. Haha fuck upchurch, dunno if anyone noticed but he double whipped the hospital gap that I fell jumping =( . For real though, both vids were sick!

  12. Javi is a beast liked the street style, Lets ride soon!!


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