Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two Great Videos in One Day? Yes.

A video made by Nick Darger featuring a bunch of people from 951 and a few others as well. Great video...really sick riding. All street.

One of the things I like about the 951 guys, and everyone else featured in the that they can really ride it all. Street or park. Although I do admit, I'd rather see more of these street edits than park edits. Some of the stuff in here I've never even seen done it is def. worth a watch or two, or in my case...7.

Riders featured are.

Nick Darger
Nick Donatelli
Chris Gascoigne
John Radtke

Above Friendly from nick darger on Vimeo.


  1. dammm thats last trick was insane

  2. i filmed a clip in there haha everybody is killing it and its good to see chris ride street

  3. lol at the name of the video haha. amazing stuff. t-whee pulling out the footjams? :O

  4. WTF?Nick musta been on something when he tried that truck,cuz no one in their right mind would actually try that haha.
    The riding in this was really good,loved Twhee's footjam to tiretap.

  5. Nick Darger

    Yeahhh chris riding street is sex! And donatelli... IDK what to say about him.

    and Jackson, me and steven couldnt think of a title so we called it above friendly since it was infact right above friendly haha

  6. I just want to know what goes through Nicks head when he sits there and thinks of doing shit like that.

  7. Nick darger

    Well he actually bitched out on trying the rail, got mad at himself, then felt he had to redeem himself hahhah

  8. How many stairs for the last trick please ?

  9. WTF! What's that dirt scoot?

  10. It was a 14 stair I believe.

    And that dirt scoot is John Radtkes hahaha

  11. the peg tricks were sweet, you guys should ice some street rails

  12. Best street vid I've seen in a while!
    That orange painted cresent shaped ledge, what a spot!
    Who's the guy ridin blue deck/white bars and the guy ridin that orange ledge? Those too's street style is on par with Matt McKeen's. SICK!!

  13. yes yes yes yes yes

  14. The guy ridding the blue deck white bars is me the other you are refering to is Nick Donaelli.

    - Chris Gascoigne


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