Saturday, August 28, 2010

Razor Exposed Tour Battleground Stop Results

Results just in from Battleground, Washington are as follows:

1st: Dakota Shuetz
2nd: Tyler Bonner
3rd: Chris Gascoigne

1st: Cameron Ward
2nd: Corey Funk
3rd: Fuzzy Gross

Best Trick:
Josh Kish, frontflip double tailwhip transfer

Congrats to all those who placed. Inside's Steven Tongson was there today and got some pics, so expect those to be up soon and hopefully some video too.



  2. omg tyler didnt come in first at a competition?! the worlds gonna end

  3. bummer about the pro placings

  4. yeah dakota,,, you are the best.....

  5. battleground WASHINGTON......

    1. where could i get a scooter around here?

  6. the judges were shit

  7. you can suk the judges dick how bout that:)

  8. thats bullshit. That dakota kid can do some pretty good tricks.. BUT TYLER BONNER COMING SECOND? D: added caps for 1337N3$$.


  10. No fucking way, kota beat bonner.
    dear god!

  11. Unfair to bash the judges.. Especially Anonymous..

  12. lol wat did dakota do you deserve first that tyler bonner cant do?

  13. gingers have no soul

  14. For everyones information. I was there, and will be at all other Exposed the head judge. To the person who said "The judges were shit" Next time state who you are.

    This comp was judged 100% fair...Kota got first. And only beat Tyler by like half of a point..Some of the other top riders there just weren't feeling the park. Just because you all might not like the results you see...doesn't automatically mean there was some kind of "screw job" or "shit judges".

    Overall the comp was a great turn out. Next one is in Phoenix, and the final stop in October will be at Skate Barn West. Footage of the comp and pictures will be up soon for you guys.

  15. yeee stoked for footy

  16. was a sick ass comp hahHA at the people mad that kota won.............get over it dude the kid is good

  17. most people in am and pro got screwed over especially nate wagoner and raymond warner

  18. Steven is probably the most unbiased person out there. idk about the other 2 judges but steven was judging fair and square. I def think raymond and nate w should have been higher though. all in all it was an awesome weekend, had sooooooo much fun last night in the hotel with steven, nick darger, julio, and kinglsey hahaha

  19. its not about what dakota can do that tyler cant. its about who can land the tricks in the comp.. and stop hating on dakota! hes a freaking insane rider and hes not even stuck up.. you would know that if you have ever rode with him.. but you probly havent

  20. sticking to my comment as steven being unbiased. he is the ultimate example of how to judge a comp. go to and you can see the other 2 judges scores favoring certain people ;) the last judge was a dude who hasn't even been riding 2 years and only likes going big. i got SCREWED by him, just look at the scores. nate wagoner got screwed too. BIG TIME, and raymond.

  21. dakotas a cool kid you guys dont know him and cant just throw that out there.

    he did a fucking flair triple whip in his run!

    however, he could TOTALLY afford to get some taller bars.

    he beat me by a 6th of a point, lol.
    this contest was rediculously close

  22. You guys really gotta chill...

    Half the people pissed off are just mad that Dakota got 1st over Tbone....Well read Tylers comment. I don't care what Dakota did, said, does, says, is, isn't. He rode good. Simple as that. Not even good... He rode REALLY good.

    But so did Tyler...considering Tyler didn't even warm up the day before, and showed up the day of the competition and didn't get to warm up either...and just went out and did his thing....and only lost by a 6th of a point....Yeah he def. threw down. And in Phoenix at the next stop rest assure him and Dakota will be throwing down again.

    To everyone complaining about other peoples scores. You guys gotta understand a few things...A rider can go out and have what we judges call a "Flawless" run. Aka...didn't mess any tricks up and landed everything. BUT all of those tricks could have been......double whips...or simple stuff. When that happens your flawless run doesn't mean much going up against someone who messed up 2-3 tricks...but landed 4-5 bangers.

    As the head judge, yeah I feel like there were some scores that were a bit off...but none of them were so far off, that it would have affected the final score card that much. Overall, people just gotta calm down. It was a great competition.


    Show up in Phoenix and throw down!

    Oh if you finish in the same spot then what? who you gonna blame?

    No one wants to hear it!

  24. Nate

    your highest score by any judge was 86..

    if every judge gave you and 86 you would have got 9th

    no one judge screwd you..

    you performance at best was 9th place and they didnt give shit for 9th so i guess its up to you to get in the park and get better..

    by the way Judge 3 gave Nate Wagner the highest score he got..

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