Monday, August 30, 2010

Nick Darger Web Edit

Mind blown. Nick is way too good at grinds. The super fast ones were so good. Loved the 3 bar bar too. I really can't wait for more from the ScooterZone/951 guys.


  1. omg nick great editt
    really chill
    made me wanna go ride <3
    i filmed like 6 clips in this ahahah
    hope everything goes well with ur knee

  2. This video was seriously soo good. Nick you gotta make like a nice 4 minute video or something. It's weird, cause I hang out with Nick like 4 days out of the week...and I didn't even know he was this Loved it.

  3. Yeah Nick you said something about your knee "hopefully" being healed by the Epic street comp in NOVEMBER which is MONTHS FROM NOW, what's going on!?

    sincerely your scooter faggot,
    alexander espinoza

  4. Nick Darger

    Ok so you guys all know, over the last 2 years ive disloacted my left kneecap quite a few times.. Twice severly. So i went to the knee doctor a few weeks back for some x rays and stuff, and got some bad news. The ligaments that hold my kneecap to the surrounding muscles could possibly be badly worn away. So i have an appointment in a few weeks for the doctor to stick a small camera in my knee and look around. If what he thinks is wrong actually is the case, then he will operate. If that is the case then i wont be able to 100% ride for a while. I actually took a month break from riding. The doctor insist for me not to ride till i get it checked out but after a month i couldnt resist anymore. Im not doing anything difficult though just messing around.

    Jordan if you want to add this to your post feel free to do so sir!

  5. NIck Darger

    I just noticed that every add from google on youtube is about knee problems hahaha

  6. nick... i love you and this video. dolly shots were fucking perfect. get. at. me

  7. amazing video and amazing filming (:

  8. love your editing nick!

  9. niiice riding. who the hell took those dolly shots? thumbs up on those.

  10. Dam Darger sooo good <3
    u seriously made some of those tricks look so easy even though theyre mad hard
    love the style

  11. too good. fav rider for sure!

  12. Thanks a lot guys!

    For the dolly shots I set up my camera on my dolly then had donatelli roll it.

    For the smith 270 to fakie that was radtke using his dolly

  13. nick make some more man, this felt so chill but so damn good. love it


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