Sunday, May 16, 2010

ECX Comp Results and Video

1. Tommy Christiana
2. Kiara Meade
3. Qwadane Berkley

1. Matt Somers
2. Joe Kish
3. Collin DaSilva

1. Josh Kish
2. Joe Armstrong
3. Petey Junsberger

Best Trick:
Josh Kish- 360 front scooterflip (thats where you take your hands off, kids) late whip.

Pro Comp Video

Best Trick

Looks like a fun comp but apparently only three people entered pro, pretty lame. Check out the comp thread on The Ride Wire for more. Congrats to Josh Kish and the rest of the winners!


  1. Rack up ANOTHER one for Josh Kish haha. Grats Josh, and everyone else that placed. Good stuff...but come on.....3 people entered Pro? Step it up dudes......

  2. this was the worst contest ive ever seen :( the park is so fuking sick!!!!

  3. Tommy ChristianaMay 17, 2010 at 9:50 AM

    He didn't film the second jam that's when I did the umbrella cup,and he didn't film all of the second runs....overallll great comp

  4. no fool no one rode the park to its potential and thats fuking weak im sick of seeing shit ass runs full of pushing and standing around on the deck

  5. is it a sin for scooters to clear boxes

  6. whoever anonymous is ^^^ just shut up.
    and Josh's best trick was a whip front scooter whip, not just a front scooter whip. And these videos are shit, alot of people were riding so much harder then what you can see.

  7. you cannot say anything about clear the box this park is on a steep hill and th box is going down hill its fucking death and thanks steven. My best trick was done without a break too lol

  8. nice trick josh :)

  9. all you anonymous ppl just suck at scootering thats why you say your name as anonymous and theres no way any of you are better than me or josh any locals at that park so dont say its weak cuz you couldnt do any better


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