Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eagle-Sport Australia Team Announcement

During the months of March and April Eagle-Sport was accepting open applications from riders from all around Australia to see who would get a chance to ride on the Eagle-Sport Team. In April a rider was the name of Chris Hart. However, receiving over 50 applications...Eagle felt that they could fit another rider onto the Australian Team. That rider is......

Jackson Manzie

I caught up with Jackson to ask him some questions so those who don't know him can get to know the new Eagle-Sport Team rider a little better.

1. Name, Age, Location

Jackson James Manzie. 17. Sydney, Australia.

2. When and how did you start riding scooters?

I used to mess around on them, doing bunnyhops and manuals when I was about 7, then I saw a video of Alex Peasley about 7 years later by chance and started messing around a bit more seriously.

3. Who are some of your favorite people to ride with?

Aaron Bransdon, Geordie Mac, Jamie Fox, Max Margalit and Alec Burman for sure. From America, i'd say Tyler Wheeland, John and Nick Darger for sure. Other than that, I like riding with most of the people from western sydney too.

4. What made you want to try out for Eagle-Sport?

I guess the opportunity to be part of something bigger, something a little more serious. Plus as everyone knows its a company that makes amazing parts, so to be a part of that is really special.

5. Now that you're on Eagle-Sport do you plan on making any changes?

It's sort of unrelated but I think i'd like to start riding street a lot more. I've been riding it a fair bit lately and i've developed a taste for finding spots and riding them, so yup :)

6. What are your future plans for scootering?

Buy a new camera hopefully, make some fun video projects, hang out with my mates, ride a scooter and represent Eaglesport. Sounds like a plan dontchaknowit?

Below is a little video that Jackson filmed for this piece. Enjoy it, and stay tuned for some really big things from Eagle-Sport Australia in the future. Congratulations to Jackson Manzie for becoming a part of the Eagle-Sport Family.

Inside Scooters thingy from Jackson Manzie on Vimeo.


  1. Nice one jackson! definately deserved, a looong time comimg, and it finally hapened. congrats man

  2. soo sick, jackson's such an amazing rider. he really deserves it.

  3. isnt funny how after eagle chose another rider the team is still all from NSW (not saying its biast)

  4. I live in the US..and am in charge of putting the Eagle Teams together all around the world. And no offense, but I dont know where NSW is, let alone meant for all our riders to be from there. But when you got riders like Coedie from there...its natural that the riders in that area are going to get really good really fast. Its the same way in the US...all the hot spots of scootering got some of the best riders.

  5. congraTS manzie

  6. congrats jackson! you deserve it dude <333

  7. Chyeah so stoked.
    I wanted him to get on.
    Favorite rider forsure.

  8. Hell yes i love Mackson Janzie!!! haha

    So stoked he's apart of a great company and i can call him a teammate!! Such a good rider, So tech with amazing style i amvery glad he i getting a lot more noticed for it.

  9. Congrat's man, last trick was just stupid<3

  10. Congrat's man, last trick was just stupid<33

  11. so was this rigged as well?

    -Sam King

  12. It sure does look that way. Did anyone send in any more vids after Chris Hart was picked (mad rider)or did it just go to Jackson straight up, cause he got knocked back.
    Didn't put my name no body knows me, plus not from OZ.


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