Saturday, May 29, 2010

Addict Interview with Stan Smirnoff

****Warning this Interview contains references to marijuana, if you are against that or were warned****

Stan Smirnoff. As soon as you hear the name, whether you love him or hate him, you usually pay attention. He's controversial as hell, and is always pushing the boundaries whether it's with the thing's he does or says, or his ever progressing riding. I recently got a chance to catch up with Stan and got a quick interview in with him. Check it out below.

Steven: Stan you've been in this sport for a looong time now, I first met you at Thrill Zone 2005..Hows it feel to have been in the sport for so long?

Stan: Hahaha ive been around since 2000 i just havent found other riders or S.R. till 05!!! but it feels good to see how everything changed and everything progressed!!

Steven: You've def. came a long way especially with your riding what point did you stop doing all the whip and combo tricks, and move onto focusing on your signature style we all know today?

Stan: After i discovered Herbsss and saw how shitty it looks when you do tricks below coping and run small ass handlebars :)

Steven: So Stan in the past there has been a lot of controversy over your sponsors...Can you clear the air right now, and tell us exactly what happened. And what do all of your CURRENT Sponsors mean to you?

Stan: Haha yea that shit was ridiculous!!! Last year after montreux i went to paris and kicked it with Johann, Maxime, J.D. Alex, and all the homies!! Saw how they lived and what they was all about and we started talking about a new company they might start after french I.D. and i said i was down because i was over micro at that point lol! Then in august i asked kc for a deck and he was like why dont u just be on the team? i was down because i didnt know when addicts coming out so it was all good till sd4 where i had to quit TSI right after the contest because addict had to be released and there was a lot of drama haha!! but now i got addict and rad and its all ill ever need lol Always going to be friends with T.S.I. tho!!

Steven: So how does it feel to be a part of Addict?

Stan: Really gnarly lol its like a familly!!! no joke

Steven: Does it push your riding even more knowing that you're on the same Team as Matt, Johann, Jandiv, Alex, and Maxime?

Stan: Ohhh yess haha every time we ride i have to keep up with those mofukkks lol get worked every session

Steven: So you're in Paris right now, what exactly are you out there for?

Stan: Im here till May 9th filming, rolling J's loving the paris life haha

Steven: So what can we expect from Stan Smirnoff and Addict in the future?

Stan: Faster, Higher, smoother riding and some boostage on vert :) and the mega ramp in june in france i hoppe :)

Words of the wise from Stan the Man. Also if you haven't check out Stans latest footage, and keep in mind this is just his throwaway stuff..And as always keep checking Inside-Scooters for all news and updates relating Addict, and all breaking news and updates in the sport of scootering.


  1. Ok that Grizzly air is fuckin beeeeeast

  2. he has sick style but he seems like a loser


  4. He forgot to break down the sponsorship background for Eagle and Razor... haha

  5. That throwaway video was still bangin

  6. Addict bitchesssssssssssssss

  7. stan is a okay rider and stuff but talks himself up to much, sounds to cocky...

  8. <3 hatersssss


  9. sickest style in scootering.

  10. fuck all of you who think stan isnt one of the best riders (amazing style(style is everythiiiiinnnnnggg)

  11. Stan, thank you for teaching me grizzly airs, they are my new favourite trick.



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