Monday, April 19, 2010

Eagle-Sport AUS Announces New Team Rider

In the month of Month of March Eagle-Sport lost a great rider...Cory Geisler. So Eagle went on a search throughout Australia to try and find a new rider to add to the Eagle-Sport Team. All through March Inside-Scooters helped promote the search, and Eagle ended up getting over 50 Applications from riders all over the country. The beginning of March marked the end of the search, and the decision period began. It went from 50+ applications, to 30, to 10, to 5...and finally down to 1. The newest rider on Eagle-Sport Australia is.

Chris Hart

I caught up with Chris recently and got a short interview in with him so we can get to know him a little bit better.

Inside-Scooters: Name, Age, Location

Chris: Chris Hart, 17, Penrith AUS

Inside-Scooters: When and how did you start riding scooters?

Chris: I hopped on a scooter about 4 years ago

Inside-Scooters: Who are some of your favorite people to ride with?

Chris: Some favourites would have to be wazza, rory coe, coedie donovan, luke burland and reece alderton, because they all keep me laughing and we all push each other to throw down bangas!

Inside-Scooters: What made you want to try out for Eagle-Sport?

Chris: I always wanted to put across the message that scooters are no longer a childrens toy, also, i wanted to improve my riding ability and expierience and to also represent an awesome company. Eagle fit perfectly so i gave it a shot. thanks to Rory for telling me the position was open!

Inside-Scooters: Now that you're on Eagle-Sport do you plan on making any changes?

Chris: Not really, i guess just working harder, riding harder, and promoting my new sponser Eagle as well as i can. OH! and keepin it real :)

Inside-Scooters: What are your future plans for scootering?

Chris: I would love to travel the world riding and promoting eaglesport and the sport itself as more than a kids toy. Riding Parks and Street spots that are different to here in AUS would be awesome and a great expierience. and i guess just riding for as long as i can, improving as much as i can, and gaining as much expierience as i can get.

Chris Hart - Eagle Sport Edit. from chris hart on Vimeo.

On behalf of Eagle-Sport, I would like to say thank you to everyone who applied to be on Eagle-Sport Australia. The decision was not an easy one.


Since we got over 50 applications from some amazing riders, there is a chance that later this month, we will announce ANOTHER new Eagle-Sport Aus Team rider. If we decide to do this, it will be announced here on Inside-Scooters.

So keep checking Inside-Scooters, to see if YOU or one of your friends who applied for Eagle-Sport Aus...gets the Team position and joins Coedie Donovan, Rory Coe, Jess Boland, and Chris Hart...on Eagle-Sport.


  1. Whoaa Chris You Deserved That Part In The Team Man, Holy Shitt, That Was A Great Video And Great Riding.

    Well Done Mate!!!!

  2. so sick and there is addict bars at 1:17

  3. fucking oath manzie deserved it more. rory rigged that shit so bad im sorry to say.

  4. wtf i agree manzie should have been on! i had heard about rory rigging it for chris but i didnt think it would happen. i mean there best mates, rory gives chris a hell of a lot of wheels and shit i dont think chris needs eagle

  5. good for u chris :D

  6. congrats dude. you deserved it.

  7. chris deserves eagle, plain and simple.
    hardout rider and hella chill.

  8. Michaƫl GoumazApril 20, 2010 at 2:52 AM

    And what about the European Team `?

  9. hmmm, defs wouldnt be my choice alot of other riders should have deserved this.... oh well, ...u wait,
    dylan scholes

  10. i reckon that jackson brendom smith or nic macris deseverd it
    wen u think about there a shit load better

  11. "wtf i agree manzie should have been on! i had heard about rory rigging it for chris but i didnt think it would happen. i mean there best mates, rory gives chris a hell of a lot of wheels and shit i dont think chris needs eagle"

    id like to know who wrote this comment, because you are really dribbling shit. If you knew what you were talking about then maybe you should have posted. I was not the only person to pick i had Steven Tongson who is completly un biest and not even apart of the AUS side of things help me choose. Steven, Myself and Marcel the owner of the companie all agreed on this decision for a number of reasons that i dont need to mention. I By the way i have been given persmission to sell a couple of wheels to pay for shipping to all the other team riders. So whoever wrote this, say your name.

  12. For who ever wrote " rory gives chris a hell of a lot of wheels and shit i dont think chris needs eagle" before you start feeding the public anymore wrong information i believe Rory Coe have only ever given me 1 use/non test wheel to run for a demo. And i know for a fact it wasnt just rorys decision, Steven t had a massive roll in selecting a new team member.

  13. Yikes...haha. Let's clear the air here people.

    I knew there would be some drama amongst everyone once someone was chosen. But as it was mentioned above...this decision and ANY Team decision in ANY country...goes through me before it is official, and goes through Marcel. So it was a collective decision to put Chris on. The "rigging" stuff needs to stop...I got the list right here of people that Rory thought deserved the spot, and there are a lot of names on it that applied, not just Chris.

    Also read the bottom of my post...I mentioned that there will possibly be another person added to the Team. Because it was such a hard decision for Eagle-Sport to choose one, due to all the talent in Australia. Sorry that the decision angered some people.

  14. PROPS to Chris,and to that person who wrote that crap about rigging it, I am sad to say I am glad Jackson M wasn't pick to have a mate like you making a derogatory remarks,you don't even deserve to ride a scooter.My suggestion is grow some testies & man up,if you can't manage that the least you could do is to apologise to Rory & Chris.Iam pretty sure I know who u are time will tell.

  15. Wait what, that comment about rigging wasn't even me haha. And to suggest that I grow some testies when you won't even post your name is interesting.

  16. The message was referring to your mate Jackson not you.The one who wrote the derogatory remark.

  17. When companies choose riders to sponsor, if there smart, then they will pick someone who can ride good AND represent the comapny.

    nobody knows me so I won't bother posting my name.

  18. Congrats Chris...
    I have 4 fingers
    - Ryan Williams

  19. To be perfectly honest i think everyone needes to stop bitching. i'm from the UK so i can't say that i enterd haha but still almost every rider that entered this is a damn shredder so whoever won definately deserves it. If you asked me as soon as everyone says that it was rigged i cant help but think wow that person is jealous congrats to Chris.

  20. this is old but still congrats chrisy babe
    -nic macris

  21. congrats chris for the team . as it says if every1 read it there is a part where it says there maybe another rider so stop bitching if jackson deserved it he will be the next rider on the team chris is a madd chill rider and if you have ever ridin with him before you will no why his on the team . congrats chris!

  22. wouldn't suprise me if rory did rig chris winning rory rigs everything else like the jamo jam for instance but on the other hand chris deserves it more then rory he puts in alot and treats kids with a bit more resect and abetter role model to look up 2.
    signed the grey ghost.....

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  24. you are awsum Chris! especially when you came to Mudgee...that was the best day of my life!! :) x

  25. hey chris you probaly don`t remember me! you came to mudgee and you signed my brothers blue shirt, DC hat and mad gear pro scooter and my other bothers thong! and i was with them...i have blonde hair and was wearing a grey shirt thing and skinny legs and thongs!! i feel like im stalking you kinda but i thought you were amazing and not to mention your really really good looking! i was just wondering if you remember me?? from madi booth :)

  26. Ha Ha i rememeber this, everyon bitching that i rigged it, haha i never got a chance to write CONGRATS CHRIS!

  27. hi nephew it ur aunty tracy and i just want to say ur doing great with this and i hope it take u places that u never seen b4 and let us no if ur up woy woy way as that is we are now n i would luv 2 watch u perform

  28. yeh its good but i agree with dan its rigged

    calum trewin


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