Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aussie Cali Scooter Sesh!

As some of you may know, The MaddGear Pro Team is coming to California for the SD4 Competition as well as some of Australia's other top riders who will also be attending. They will be taking part in the competition, and also sticking around after the competition to do some riding. On January 4th there is going to be a really sick Session that everyone in the area should try and make it to. The details are below.

Date- January 4th
Time- 12pm to 6pm
Place- Da Compound Skatepark
Price- Bring atleast 10 bucks to get into the park, and that will also cover food.
Sponsors- DSA, Scooter Zone, and Scooter Tees

Who can you expect to show up?

Aussies that will be there include the following:
- Coedie Donovan
- Adam "Ladam" Bolton
- Nickeh
- Billie Rainbow
- Jaxon Andrawartha
- Luke Pickett
- Ryan Williams
- Rory Coe
- Cory Geisler
- Hayden O'Connor

Here are some pics of the park that the event will be at

Among the Aussie riders mentioned above, there will be a ton of other riders showing up for this event. So if you are in the area, and got 10 bucks to spare, come out and ride with The MaddGear Pro Team and some of Australia's best and have a good time with everyone.


  1. Im deff goona see if i can go.

  2. I dont know if cory is still coming

  3. just to let u know all of the sd comps have been at clarimont skatepark nor da compound!

  4. sup i am going to the comp


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