Sunday, July 26, 2009

Raise the Gnar Tour: Want to See Your Footage on TV?

Nextsport, the company sponsoring the Fuzion Raise the Gnar Tour, is looking for riders to submit footage of any of the 5 stops on the RTG Tour to them. Nextsport has an agreement with an action sports based network to air all the footage on their station as the tour goes on.

What this means is that you can go to any of the competitions, film as much as you'd like, make a compilation edit of it, and send it into Nextsport. Nextsport would then give it to this TV station, who would air it for the world to see. This would definitely bring a ton of exposure to the sport, not to mention give the filmer/editor a chance to show off their skills. Additionally, this company will be at the final showdown in San Diego to film with their own cameras, and show it on TV as well.

You can view more about the RTG Tour on its website.

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