Friday, June 5, 2009

Monky McMoran Web Edit + Actual "Blog" Content

I'm on poopy slow laptop right now so I haven't actually watched this, but I'm sure its gnarly, considering Monky's past videos.

Now, seeing the title "web edit" got me thinking. The definition of a web edit (in the world of BMX) is more or less a throwaway video of footage that is not going to be in a DVD. It is a relatively new term spawned as an effect of the Internet, and the ease in which one can film, edit, and publish a video online. In BMX, the web edit has become far more common than traditional DVD's. Which brings me to ask the question:

Whats the point of calling an online scooter video a "web edit"? 99 percent of all scooter videos are published online, not on DVD. The phrase "web edit" implies that the rider is going to or has had a section in a video on DVD, and that the web edit is throwaway from that part. Our sport hasn't quite reached the point where the majority of riders produce DVD's, so why call online vids "web edits"? To me, using "web edit" in the title of a scooter video is silly.

In the future, I believe using the term "web edit" will become more appropriate. As the industry grows, companies will have more money to spend on its riders, and thus things such as roadtrips, paid travel expenses to competitions, and even salaries will become more common. With all those things brings the opportunity to film a DVD. With more DVD's, there will be more DVD part throwaway, and more true "web edits".

Note: This post is not intended to criticize anyone who has called a video a web edit. I'd also like to hear your thoughts on web edits. Post a comment with your opinion!


  1. Tyler WHEEEELANDJune 6, 2009 at 2:47 AM

    this is monkys throwaway for a dvd tho nigggggguh.

  2. Read the note part at the bottom t-whee :)

  3. haaha read it ;).
    but iono. i looked at my first web edit as a throwaway for my spring video that was supposed to be my BS section. but me and brandon rode more than ANYONE else on the team and finished early and didnt want our stuff to get stale. haha.

    but yeahhhhh.
    I think anything made ONLY for the internet should be a Webedit. nawmeannnnnnn



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