Friday, June 19, 2009

Inside the Mod: Rawing Your Brass Knuckles SCS

With the SCS Brass Knuckles now coming in 7 anodized colors, you now have the option of being able to choose what your SCS looks like. However, if you have a change of heart once your Brass Knuckles arrives at your door, you DO have the option of rawing the anodization (if that's even a word). Sam Aronie generously put together this picture tutorial, thanks Sam!

Words by Jordan Jasa

Step 1: Take the Brass Knuckles off your scooter.

Step 2: Make sure you've taken out the bolts and cap.

Step 3: Acquire the following objects: Easy Off (or other oven cleaner of your choice), a large plastic baggie, and a plastic glove.

Step 4. Spray some oven cleaner into the bag, be generous if you want the SCS to be completely rawed. Put the Knuck's in the bag, and let the cleaner do its thang. Notice all the gold bits in the second picture, you can literally see the cleaner working.

Step 5: Use the plastic glove to take out the SCS, you don't want any of that oven cleaner on you. Leaving the Knuckles in there for shorter/longer amounts of time will make the gold less or more faded. As you can see here, Sam choose to completely raw his. Looks really nice. And of course, once you have it rawed, you can paint it literally any color you want.

Credit to Zolof for being the first to document rawing of an SCS.


  1. i think i deserve a little bit of credit here...

  2. zolof made this first.

  3. ok? josh toy was the first to lock a folding mech for freestyle purposes, does he ever get credit in tutorials?

    if its that big a deal i'll put something for you.

  4. Thats sick, does the oven clener take off the proto logo or did he sand that off after it was done?

  5. how long does it take

  6. I did this, and didn't know how long to leave it in for, so I left it in over night. My scs is now ruined because the oven cleaner actually ate at the aluminum, changing the inner diameter.


  7. How Long Does It Take

  8. how long do i leave it in for

  9. You only do it for about an hour or it will screw over

  10. were can i get a brass knuckle

  11. can i get District v2 deck, district pro headset, district v2 forks, proto scs compression??
    if not, could someone recommend a list of stuff Q.U.I.C.K!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????


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